Employee Engagement Survey

MarshBerry Confidential Employee SurveyHow well do you really understand your employees’ perception of your organization? How much do you know about their overall job satisfaction? Are the various parts of your agency’s “engine” working in sync with each other? Is your staff energized? Or are there pockets of unrest or low motivation that might be poisoning your best efforts to manage the operation?

MarshBerry’s Employee Engagement Survey gives you a reliable means to view and evaluate honest feedback from your staff. You’ll find out about morale, organizational strengths, perceived areas of concern and other vital data that can help you reinforce or reshape your agency’s culture.

The framework of the survey has been carefully structured to obtain feedback that is clear, insightful and immediately usable. That framework includes questions that touch on:

Upon completion of the survey process, your agency’s results are benchmarked, question-by-question and category-by-category, against those of other agencies.