Perspectives for High Performance (PHP)

MarshBerry Perspectives for High Performance (PHP)Perspectives for High Performance (PHP) is a proprietary, formalized financial management benchmarking system offered exclusively by MarshBerry. It enables you to accurately and conveniently assess the complete spectrum of your agency’s financial performance variables through the use of percentiles, high performance perspectives and peak performance standards.

The service starts with a comprehensive analysis of your past and current performance and divides agency metrics into four main reporting categories:

Why do our clients tell us that PHP is superior to other benchmarking tools?  Because MarshBerry has configured PHP in a way that keeps inconsistency from influencing quality. MarshBerry maintains a dedicated internal audit department which focuses on analyzing and converting PHP subscribers’ agency data into a uniform format. The result is meaningful, accurate, apples-to-apples comparisons that you can use to help spark significant performance improvement.

PHP helps you:

PHP offers an outstanding value for owners and managers who are serious about employing intelligent, proactive, well-focused approaches as they craft their agency’s future.