Channel Checks

MarshBerry’s Launches New Channel Checks

A Channel Check is a “light survey” using primary research1, conducted by MarshBerry, to gather opinions on relevant topics from within the industry.

Our second edition focuses on InsurTech. While it may resemble a “Wild West” environment — InsurTech is full of technology-related companies that are striving to solve problems and remove inefficiencies in the insurance industry.

The InsurTech Channel Check addresses:

  • What does InsurTech mean?
  • Is InsurTech leading a shift from product-centricity to consumer-centricity in insurance?
  • What’s the uptake on these technologies?

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Cyber Insurance Channel Check

Cyber insurance is currently considered a relatively small market. However, we see it as a growing space and area of opportunity, especially for commercial clients.

The Cyber Insurance Channel Check addresses:

  • How are agencies/brokers selling cyber, and
  • How can one convince clients of cyber related risks and why they need coverage?

1Primary research is defined as discussions used to gather specific perspectives related to an industry trend and/or market participant. It can involve questionnaires, surveys or interviews with individuals or small groups. It may or may not be used for exploratory purposes and is not intended to be used to assist in making investment decisions.