Michel Schaft - Managing Director

Michel Schaft

Managing Director

Michel Schaft joined MarshBerry in 2017 as an Independent Consultant and is currently Managing Director of MarshBerry.

Prior to joining MarshBerry, Michel was the CEO of the Dutch Association of Brokers and Carriers (“VNAB”). He is known for his role as CEO of the Dutch insurance broker Meijers Assurantiën in Amsterdam, a position he took after moving through the management ranks at the organization. At the helm of Meijers for seven years, Michel is credited with transforming the culture and accelerating the organization’s growth domestically and internationally. Michel was Director of the loss adjusting company Cunningham Lindsey Marine in the Netherlands prior to joining the Meijers team. He also has a background as a registered insurance broker and a registered marine surveyor.

Michel’s current focus is bringing MarshBerry’s proprietary insurance expertise to brokers outside of the United States.

Michel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.