FocalPoint Webinars

MarshBerry webinars are unique virtual sessions created to deep dive into specific areas of interest within the insurance brokerage and wealth advisory industries.  Choose from a range of topics on things you need to know such as perspectives on the current state of the industry, trends in M&A, proprietary research briefings full of comparable data, business strategy and planning guidance, and even tools and techniques to accelerate organic growth.

Something for everyone.  As the leader in insurance brokerage and wealth advisory, MarshBerry is your single source for all your business consulting needs.

Upcoming FocalPoint Webinars

Determining the Right Path for Perpetuation

Presented by Kyle Hoeft, Vice President Financial Advisory | June 08, 2023, at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

For firms who are looking to carve their own path — there are more options than just buying or selling your firm. During this session, MarshBerry leads an exploration of the paths available to firms in today’s marketplace and provides guidance on how you can stay competitive. 

Key Takeaways:  

  • Understand the six paths currently available to firm owners looking at the future of their firm.  
  • Learn about key market dynamics that are driving firm value. 
  • Discuss keys to strategic planning for 2023 to see if your firm is set to grow organically. 

Navigating Carrier Partnerships: Rough Seas of a Hard Market

Presented by Keith Captain, FirstChoice President, & Jason Juarez, FirstChoice Regional Vice President | June 22, 2023, at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

A dramatic spike in weather and disaster events, coupled with inflation, reinsurance constraints and supply chain issues, have created a storm of uncertainty. Carriers and agents alike are looking for the best path to best address market fluctuations while developing lasting partnerships.

Join Keith Captain and Jason Juarez as they provide key insights on how agencies can grow and retain customers through today’s market and best practices on how to develop carrier partnerships that can weather any storm.

Recent FocalPoint Webinars

State of the Specialty Industry – A Market in Transition

Presented by George Bucur, Managing Director & Specialty Practice Co-head

headshot of george bucur

The fight for specialty distributors to stay on top of trends and remain relevant in an ever changing, dynamic marketplace is a constant struggle – especially for independently owned firms that lack robust infrastructure/systems, market clout and capital. The market experienced a massive roll-up of wholesale brokers over the last decade – to the point where few independent sizable brokers remain. Independents tend to find it challenging to attract and retain talent while growing operations at a rate that keeps pace with larger competitors. Is the historical consolidation of wholesale brokers reflective of the current consolidation environment being experienced by independent delegated authority firms?

During this session, George Bucur, Managing Director & Specialty Practice Co-head explores the dynamic changes impacting specialty firms and explains how these changes are impacting merger & acquisition transaction activity and resulting valuations.

Four Things to Consider When Creating a Talent Plan

Presented by Brooke Lugonjic, Senior Vice President Growth Advisory, and Bryan Lake, Vice President Growth Advisory

photos of brooke and bryan

Has your company made a commitment to focusing on talent in 2023? Join MarshBerry’s Growth Advisory team as they take a deep dive into the insurance industry’s top- and bottom-ranked cultural characteristics important in attracting and retaining talent. The team also showcases best practices and modern ideas around recruitment, interview strategy, onboarding, and talent management that you can use to enhance your talent plan.

Changing Market Conditions for Insurtech

Presented by Tobias Milchereit, MarshBerry Vice President

Where will the current class of insurtechs land in the race for funding, growth and relevance given the strength and resilience of the independent insurance brokerage market? This session will discuss how insurtech firms will position themselves for success in today’s dynamic insurance brokerage market.

Where will the M&A Market Finish in 2022 and 2023 Outlook

Presented by Phil Trem, President, Financial Advisory

Relatively speaking, 2022 has been a year of challenging headwinds for merger & acquisition (M&A) activity. It didn’t help that 2021 broke records in many categories. But despite the hurdles, 2022 has the opportunity to end strong. Join Phil Trem, President – Financial Advisory, where he’ll showcase 2022 M&A year-end results, trends in valuations, an update from the capital markets, and the outlook for insurance agencies and brokerages in 2023.

The Economy – Buckle Your Seatbelts

Presented by Gerard Vecchio, MarshBerry Managing Director

As an insurance agency or brokerage owner – you’re inundated with how the insurance landscape is constantly changing. However, what are you supposed to do with all of this information? During this 30-minute FocalPoint webinar, Gerard Vecchio, Managing Director, will highlight key economic indicators you should watch, upcoming insurance renewals and potential rate changes, Carrier Surplus Allocations, and adjustments in the debt and equity market you should follow as you start your strategic planning for 2023.

Death of the Traditional Independent MGA

Presented by George Bucur, MarshBerry Director & Specialty Practice Co-Head

The wholesale broker segment has undergone massive consolidation to the point where very few independent pure play Property & Casualty brokers remain. In addition, it’s likely that the market is at the front end of a consolidation wave that is hitting delegated authority firms with nearly 8% of specialty entities consolidating in 2021. As history demonstrates, massive value is unlocked when insurance distributors and markets are aggregated. Delegated authority is not an exception to this premise.

Improving Your Compensation Strategy to Boost Growth

Presented by Tommy McDonald, MarshBerry Directory Financial Advisory

With firms spending just under 70% of their revenue on compensation costs, the key is to have reliable and current data to make decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape. With unprecedented competition for talent, employers must take measures to ensure their firms stand out from competitors if they want to attract and retain the best talent. Today, this goes beyond just the paycheck — employees are increasingly looking at the company culture, benefits, flexibility, upskilling, and work–life balance when deciding whether to accept or stay in a position.

Join MarshBerry Director Tommy McDonald as he provides key insights from our 2022 Agency & Brokerage Compensation Study and action items to consider as you look to make impactful changes to your firm’s compensation strategy.