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MarshBerry webinars are unique virtual sessions created to deep dive into specific areas of interest within the insurance brokerage industry.  Choose from a range of topics on things you need to know such as perspectives on the state of the industry, trends in M&A, proprietary research briefings full of comparable data, business strategy and planning guidance, and even tools and techniques to advance unvalidated producers faster and more efficiently.

Something for everyone.  As the leader in insurance brokerage advisory, MarshBerry is your single source for all your business consulting needs.

Upcoming FocalPoint Webinars

The Economy – Buckle Your Seatbelts

Presented by Gerard Vecchio, MarshBerry Managing Director

As an insurance agency or brokerage owner – you’re inundated with how the insurance landscape is constantly changing. However, what are you supposed to do with all of this information? During this 30-minute FocalPoint webinar, Gerard Vecchio, Managing Director, will highlight key economic indicators you should watch, upcoming insurance renewals and potential rate changes, Carrier Surplus Allocations, and adjustments in the debt and equity market you should follow as you start your strategic planning for 2023.

Recent FocalPoint Webinars

Death of the Traditional Independent MGA

Presented by George Bucur, MarshBerry Director & Specialty Practice Co-Head

The wholesale broker segment has undergone massive consolidation to the point where very few independent pure play Property & Casualty brokers remain. In addition, it’s likely that the market is at the front end of a consolidation wave that is hitting delegated authority firms with nearly 8% of specialty entities consolidating in 2021. As history demonstrates, massive value is unlocked when insurance distributors and markets are aggregated. Delegated authority is not an exception to this premise.

Improving Your Compensation Strategy to Boost Growth

Presented by Tommy McDonald, MarshBerry Directory Financial Advisory

With firms spending just under 70% of their revenue on compensation costs, the key is to have reliable and current data to make decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape. With unprecedented competition for talent, employers must take measures to ensure their firms stand out from competitors if they want to attract and retain the best talent. Today, this goes beyond just the paycheck — employees are increasingly looking at the company culture, benefits, flexibility, upskilling, and work–life balance when deciding whether to accept or stay in a position.

Join MarshBerry Director Tommy McDonald as he provides key insights from our 2022 Agency & Brokerage Compensation Study and action items to consider as you look to make impactful changes to your firm’s compensation strategy.

The Hiring Continuum – Are You Hiring the Future Owners of Your Firm?

Presented by Tony Longo,  MarshBerry Senior Consultant, Management Consulting

With firms across the country feeling the effects of a talent shortage, immense pressure to grow organically, and 25% of the insurance industry looking to retire within the next 5-10 years – is your firm’s talent strategy prepared to find and grow your next generation of owners? During this session, MarshBerry Senior Consultant, Tony Longo, will provide tips on how to dig your talent well to proactively support your talent needs now – and down the road.

Play Bigger to Grow Exponentially

Presented by David Soforenko, Executive Vice President

As an agency owner, can you afford the nominal benefits of growing your firm incrementally? Or, like other top performing firms, you’re ready to adopt a proven approach to building your agency more effectively based on an exponential mindset. While the downside still leads to incremental growth, the upside can be transformational. 

Keys to Assessing a Sales Culture

Presented by Don Folino, Senior Consultant

Thinking about long-term success? Worried what challenges lie ahead in 2022?

A strong sales culture not only enables your firm to consistently win new business, but it also has the right people, processes, trainings and technology in place to sustain double-digit organic growth for multiple years. To know where your firm stands, you need to benchmark your sales culture in four key areas: Sales Leadership, Performance Management, People Development & Technology.

Join MarshBerry’s Senior Consultant, Don Folino, as he highlights our proprietary tool that’s designed to enable your leadership team to increase sales, provide perspective on what’s working, and help drive predictable, profitable organic growth in your organization.

MarshBerry 360 Forum Preview

Presented by Eric Hallinan, Director

Thinking about long-term success?

Worried what challenges lie ahead in 2022?

Join MarshBerry Director, Eric Hallinan, as he offers a preview of what attendees will hear at MarshBerry’s annual 360 Forums. This 30-minute webinar will highlight key concepts from the event and provide an overview of what attendees can expect from a day of networking, strategy and learning. Registration for this webinar is complimentary! Don’t miss your chance to gain insight into the insurance industry’s best event for insurance professionals looking to expand and grow!

Metrics Driving Agency Valuations

Presented by James Graham, MarshBerry Vice President

If you don’t have a perpetuation plan in place – you may need to consider selling your firm. In the current M&A market – you have

For most agency principals, the largest asset in their portfolio is their equity in the firm. Many principals will guess or estimate the value of their agency by piecing together published data or using rules of thumb. The estimation will be inherently flawed as no two firms are the same. As an executive and owner, you have the ability to directly influence the value of the agency. Yet, few focus on value enhancement strategies on a continual basis.

Join James Graham as he reviews factors affecting value throughout the year and key changes to implement to enhance the value of your firm.

Merger Trends & Acquisitions

Presented by Brian Ambrosia, MarshBerry Director

If you don’t have a perpetuation plan in place – you may need to consider selling your firm. In the current M&A market – you have options, but how long will buyers be paying premiums for firms? Join Brian Ambrosia, Director – MarshBerry, as he discusses the current market and a look forward at what you might see in 2022 and beyond.

State of the Specialty Industry

Presented by Gerard Vecchio, MarshBerry Managing Director

In 2021, the insurance brokerage landscape continued to evolve showcasing the importance of specialty distributors to the marketplace. Join MarshBerry’s Managing Director, Gerard Vecchio, as he takes a deeper dive into challenges MGAs, MGUs, and Wholesalers are facing in today’s turbulent environment as he discusses market access, economies of scale, capital constraints, inflation, and investment in infrastructure.

Specialty Outlook for 2022

Presented by George Bucur, MarshBerry Director

Consolidation in the insurance industry is nothing new and has been a growing trend in the past several years. With the growing pace of specialty distributor acquisitions, it’s no surprise there is an uptick in consolidation among the larger private equity backed and public brokers and it could be just the tip of the iceberg. Join MarshBerry Director George Bucur as he looks at the challenges MGAs, MGUs, and Wholesalers are facing in the coming year that include continued consolidation, market access, economies of scale and investment in technology and infrastructure.

Three Keys to Growth Acceleration

Presented by David Soforenko, MarshBerry Executive Vice President – Connect Network Platform

They say you’re only as good as your weakest link. You can’t expect your team to execute or remain accountable for their responsibilities if you and your culture do not practice accountability. During this webinar, David Soforenko, Executive Vice President for MarshBerry, will highlight how execution, accountability, and long-term thinking can help guide your firm to double-digit growth.

Q3 M&A Market Trends

Presented by Phil Trem, MarshBerry President – Financial Advisory

One of the hottest topics in the insurance industry continues to be M&A activity. Deal activity in the third quarter of 2021 was the second most active quarter the industry has ever seen. During this webinar, Phil Trem, President – Financial Advisory for MarshBerry, will discuss year-to-date M&A results, trends in valuations, potential capital gains tax changes, and a look forward at what you might see in 2022 and beyond.

The Power of Peer Exchange

Presented by Brooke Lugonjic, MarshBerry VP of Connect Network

Getting to it “someday” is not a strategy.

In the insurance industry, it is easy to get caught up in the daily whirlwind of new business and renewals. Issues like staffing and technology can linger on leaders’ to-do lists for them to get to “someday.”

The best way to get unstuck from this paralysis is to join a peer exchange network. This webinar helped to answer some key questions:

What is peer exchange?

How does peer exchange affect financial performance?

The Ebb & Flow of Merger & Acquisition Trends

Presented by Eric Hallinan, Director

The pace of deal activity is expected to continue, or potentially even increase, as concerns about changes in federal capital gains tax rates are driving many firms to explore an external sale. Tax increases at the state and federal level continue to be a catalyst to drive an increase in supply which could create a high watermark of deal activity in 2021.

During this 30-minute FocalPoint webinar, MarshBerry’s team discussed the current M&A environment, options to remain independent, and why hiring an advisor that can negotiate on your behalf to drive the best value and terms for your business and your future is so important.

Strategic Planning Essentials for 2021 and Beyond

Presented by Kyle Hoeft, CVA, Vice President

The process of establishing and documenting your firm’s direction is essential for organizational focus and efficiency. However, creating a strategic plan that acts as a roadmap to reach year-over-year sustainable growth can be a challenge for some firm owners who don’t have ample opportunities to work on their business.

MarshBerry’s team has helped insurance agencies and brokerages of all sizes build strategic plans to ensure continued success and growth. During this FocalPoint webinar, we discussed the “Why” of strategic planning, how your differentiation makes you the same, and how to establish long-term goals with achievable action items to carry out the plan. MarshBerry shared max performance strategies, as well as its list of top “killers of strategy.” 

Specialty Market Developments for 2021

Presented by George Bucur, Director

The Specialty Distribution Insurance marketplace has seen a number of high-profile M&A transactions with consolidation happening at a rapid rate. The changing landscape is having a direct impact on valuation multiples and contributing to the development of several notable trends across the market.

During this 30-minute FocalPoint webinar, MarshBerry’s team discussed current trends in the Specialty M&A environment, how changes in the market may have a direct impact on your firm, and MarshBerry resources designed specifically for those in the Specialty Distribution space looking to reach long-term growth goals.

Five Keys to Improving Business Performance

Presented by Brooke Lugonjic, Vice President, Connect Network

In a recent article,  MarshBerry discussed how benchmarking helps firms go beyond complacency with internal metrics to establish performance standards that drive improvements in quality, efficiency and effectiveness. These improvements can help differentiate your firm, maintain relevancy in a constantly evolving industry, and increase your firm’s value.

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