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Increase firm productivity and financial performance with MarshBerry business intelligence

In knowledge-intensive industries like insurance, business intelligence provides vital support to organizational value. MarshBerry’s Intellectual Capital division is the foundation of our firm. The Intellectual Capital team offers a full suite of resources, extensive proprietary studies and custom research, rich industry data, best practices, and hands-on practical applications to help drive profit and increase the value of your firm.

Our experience advisors are on hand to help you understand complex reports and create action plans that propel you toward your financial goals.

  • Measure success with peer performance benchmarks
  • Access superior data & analytics unavailable elsewhere
  • Experience seamless delivery through our leading-edge Value Intelligence Portal

Interested in learning how you can grow the value of your firm? Speak with one of our trusted advisors to understand how our business intelligence resources can help you meet our goals.

The proof is in the numbers

Metrics in Perspective for High Performance (PHP)
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Firms providing data for benchmarking services
Articles published in 2023
Individuals public speaking engagements & eForums annually

According to 2023 MarshBerry data; PHP: Perspectives for
High Performance.