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MarshBerry Connect


MarshBerry Connect is an executive peer exchange that enables members to out-perform, out-earn, and outlast their competition.

MarshBerry Connect membership is for firms who believe in learning from the successes of leaders who have gone before them. The ability to test out a course of action through others’ experiences allows you to focus on what is most important: the strategies that have the greatest likelihood of success. Whether your goal is to double in size every five years or maximize profitability, you will meet Connect members who share the same objectives. Membership is by invitation only.


The top 25% of MarshBerry Connect members generated 29.7% EBITDA as a % of Net Revenue versus 16.3% generated by non-Connect members between 2013 – 2023.

Organic Growth Chart EBITDA

Source: MarshBerry proprietary financial management system Perspectives for High Performance (“PHP”). Results based on available historic information within PHP. For illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary. Past Performance not indicative of future results. Data as of 6/30/2023, last accessed 9/14/2023. EBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

Organic Growth

The top 25% of MarshBerry Connect members generated 16.9% organic growth versus 7.1% generated by non-Connect members between 2013-2023.

Organic Growth Chart

Source: MarshBerry proprietary financial management system Perspectives for High Performance (“PHP”). Results based on available historic information within PHP. For illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary. Past Performance not indicative of future results. Data as of 6/30/2023, last accessed 9/14/2023.

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Case in Point: A MarshBerry Case Study

Learn how an owner of an East Coast firm turned to MarshBerry to gain an outside perspective and guidance on reaching increased revenue and marketing share goals.


MarshBerry Connect Benchmark Performance


  • Customized reporting package that includes firms’ performance compared to peer-group and industry
  • Account access via online portal for advanced data and data analysis
  • Operational improvement assessments – survey tools to understand current state of employee engagement and sales culture
MarshBerry Connect Business Optimization Resources


  • Training and Educational webinars exclusively for members
  • Templates, tools and handbooks for process improvements
  • Discounts and access to MarshBerry thought leadership content and events
MarshBerry Connect Peer Exchange


Executive Peer Exchange Summit

Membership comes with a multitude of benefits and opportunities to network and connect with executives including executive forums. At these Summits members come together in their Strategic Issues Groups (SIGs) to share solutions and strategies that go beyond the surface and provide real-time actionable ideas. The summits are facilitated throughout the year by MarshBerry industry experts and are hosted at various locations throughout the U.S.

Check out highlights from our most recent MarshBerry Connect Summit.

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I love the networking that goes on at the Summits. It provides an opportunity for me to develop relationships that I’ve found to be very valuable.

Connect Summit Attendee, CFO

These are great networking events. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and the structure allows for ample time and opportunity to meet many other attendees.

Connect Summit Attendee, CFO

Everyone is having similar issues: recruiting, finding acquisition opportunities, compensation … these sessions allow us to talk more in-depth about these.

Connect Summit Attendee, CFO

Contact The Advisory Team

MarshBerry’s team of advisors are thought leaders and experts in the insurance brokerage and financial services industries. The team also specializes in increasing the value of firms, as well as strategic business planning and perpetuation planning. As a client, your firm benefits from their combined hands-on experience and professional designations in finance, accounting and economics. No matter what your needs are, they have the understanding to craft a personalized solution.

Shelley Turk
Vice President
Chris Rochford
Vice President
Michael Harmon
Vice President
Shelley Turk
Vice President

Shelley joined MarshBerry in 2019 bringing over 10 years of event and program enhancement experience. Shelley’s role is to enhance MarshBerry’s executive peer exchange membership – Connect. Her efforts include the execution and delivery of Connect services, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency to enhance client satisfaction and retention, educating new and current members on program benefits like MarshBerry’s proprietary data benchmarking services and industry resources, as well as linking members to organic and acquisitive growth services offered by MarshBerry.

Shelley also fosters collaboration among cross-functional teams at to deliver the Connect value proposition effectively. Her passion to motivate others, inspire change, and impact the growth of organizations is integral to her role at MarshBerry and is the common thread weaving through her career.

Shelley is a versatile professional whose journey reflects a unique blend of academic achievement and hands-on experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Mercyhurst University, a testament to her commitment to evolving trends in the marketplace and leadership development. With a diverse background, she has seamlessly transitioned through various management roles, leaving her mark on retailers, restaurants, and nonprofits. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit shines through as a former business owner. Shelley’s multifaceted expertise combines academic prowess, leadership acumen, and a rich history of contributing to the success of diverse organizations.

When Shelley is not engaging with clients and colleagues, she enjoys spending time with family, jet-setting to new destinations with friends, and diverse cuisines in vibrant restaurants.

Chris Rochford
Vice President

Chris Rochford is a solution-oriented thought leader who helps clients improve the value of their business by achieving double-digit growth. As Vice President, Growth Advisory, Chris is responsible for new client development, product innovation, and value enhancement of Growth Advisory solutions.

Michael Harmon
Vice President

As Vice President - Connect Growth, MarshBerry’s executive peer exchange, Michael looks to leverage his 20 plus year career in insurance sales to build long-term trusting relationships with agency and brokerage partners.