About MarshBerry

Think MarshBerry: Creating a Customized Path to Success

Your agency is unique. So why settle for off the shelf advice? You deserve a customized approach to growth—a path designed specifically for your business. One that accounts for your people, your culture, your market and your goals for the future.

Based on our years of experience, we know how to help you amplify value creation to make your years of hard work, commitment, and success mean more to your stakeholders.

MarshBerry provides intellectual capital, strategic consulting and merger and acquisition advisory* to clients within the insurance industry. We consult with organizations dedicated to learning, improving and realizing their fullest business potential and who are willing to work with us as partners.

You are different. Think differently with MarshBerry and succeed your own way

* Investment banking services offered through MarshBerry Capital, Inc., Member FINRA Member SIPC and an affiliate of Marsh, Berry & Company, Inc. 28601 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 400, Woodmere, Ohio 44122 (440.354.3230). Contact Us