Quality of Earnings

Think MarshBerry. Think Forward.

Quality of Earnings Expertise for Insurance & Wealth Management Firms

Quality of Earnings review and advisory are critical to understanding how to best optimize.

MarshBerry’s depth of historical knowledge and extensive data translates to the ability for you to better understand the risks and challenges of a transaction and evaluate the prospects for future success​.

MarshBerry Experts Help You:

  • Delineation between fixed amount earnings and estimated earnings​
  • Identify cash vs noncash earnings
  • Clarity on recurring vs nonrecurring revenue​
  • Categorization of income by source and type​

What you will gain from a Quality of Earnings review:

  • Address accounting issues​
  • Identify and/or validate adjustments to pro forma​
  • Enhance efficiency of transaction close process​
  • Quantify working capital requirements​
  • Provide insights and analysis of financial statements​
  • Determine key areas for focus ​

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