Creating a Strategic Plan Roadmap

Strategic Planning: Focused, Relevant, and Aligned


Get a handle on what it takes to create a strategic plan that’s focused, relevant, aligned and actionable. Yes, we’re talking about a strategic plan you’ll actually use and that your team will execute. Ready to get started?

Successful business owners and industry leaders will tell you that strategic planning is essential to helping achieve goals.

We also know that many strategic plans are created with enthusiasm and good intentions,
and then they are set aside. They fall deeper to the bottom of a pile of daily tasks and fires that must be put out. The energy generated during the strategic planning session quickly fades and there’s failure to execute.


A strategic plan should state and prioritize objectives so there is a clear understanding of what the agency is working toward.


Your strategic plan should live in the present and address the future, capturing where the agency is today, where it wants to go and how it will get there.


Your strategic plan is not a document that exists in a vacuum. It should align with your culture, your values, your mission statement and vision.


What good is your plan if it lacks steps for accomplishing objectives? The strategic plan should assign responsibilities and have individuals held accountable to predetermined dates for
the objectives.

A strategic plan provides opportunities to reflect on how far you’ve come when you review objectives and performance, and see how your team has come together to grow the agency. Refer to the plan often. Keep the strategic plan out and in the open.

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