One Factor That Dramatically Changed The Way We Sell


One Factor That Dramatically Changed The Way We Sell

It used to be very easy to train a producer on your agency, services, and products, then place them in a room with a phone book to start making calls. It worked. However, why is this becoming less effective in today’s climate? What changed?

The disruption? The internet is the culprit.

Prior to the internet, when you picked up the phone and made that call, it was the only way the prospect could ever get insight on your agency and the options that are available. Then came the internet and it’s use today changed the way we think. We now are in control of what we want to know and when we want to look for options. If they want to learn about your agency and your offerings, chances are they’ve already looked online or they’ll turn to the internet on their own schedule.

This has shifted a decision maker’s mindset from interest in your offerings to what can you do to help my business? They can research your offerings but they won't find how those offerings will help them reach, or not reach, their strategic goals.

What’s this mean for how you can communicate with a decision maker in person or on the phone?

Take your message and show that decision maker you know what they’re faced with each day and how you can help them overcome those challenges. For example, manufactures are concerned with damage to inventory or products during transit, consumers being injured by their products, and loss of income or business interruption. This is what you should be talking about. Leading with your products can make it difficult to connect. However, if you hit on the industry’s top pains and offer some insight, curiosity can step in and can lead to the question “how can you help me with that?’.

The last thing many decision makers want to talk about is often commercial risk or their benefit plan. What they are focused on is growing the business. The connection they miss is that their risk and benefit strategy can drastically impact whether they hit their strategic goals or not.

If you want to be more effective in resonating with your prospect, take a step back. Before you step out to that next networking event or pick up the phone, ask yourself:

What do I know about their industry?

What are their concerns?

Can I bring value to help them reach their goals?

It is time to transform the way you interact with your clients and prospects into being more of a strategic adviser, with concrete established professional relationships, similar to attorneys or accountants.

To learn more about how to make this a reality, join us in Chicago for the kickoff to a 12-week sales training and coaching program that will transform the way you approach the insurance marketplace. Whether you work in Employee Benefits or Property/Casualty, we will give you the tools to find, cultivate, and retain long-lasting client relationships!

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