Process Makes Perfect

Process Makes Perfect


A standardized and consistent hiring process is vital to any successful hiring program.

An organization may miss qualified candidates if they cannot evaluate their skill sets and move candidates through the hiring process quickly.

It is essential to have communication and engagement with candidates throughout the hiring process as it can influence your organization’s brand and ability to allure top candidates. However, the top performing agencies know that beginning with a systematic hiring process can maximize their hiring success.

Candidate Profile

What are you looking for? An organization must first build a candidate profile outlining the framework of the person they are looking to employ at their firm. High performing organizations spend the time brainstorming and committing to a standardized hiring process that outlines competencies, previous experiences, presentation skills, specific resume items, and even utilizing current high performers as examples of the type of people that can succeed in your business.

Don’t Be Lazy

Streamlining the interview process will produce better results. Many agencies experience inconsistencies in the results of their hiring process - an inconsistent hiring process yields inconsistent results. The interview process should be well defined as to each specific stage and the objective of that stage within the process; this would include how to sourcing candidates, review resumes, conduct phone interviews, in-person interviews, offers and hiring.

Length of the process is rarely considered but is crucial to hiring success. A timeline should be set for the length of the process beginning with the sourcing of candidates through each stage and ending in a hire. Often, organizations lose qualified candidates because they take too long to make a hiring decision. Consider how many stages are included in the hiring process and examine if each step is necessary.

Behavioral Based Interviewing

Your goal should be to have each candidate undergo a similar hiring experience. By asking candidates identical questions an organization ensures a consistent comparison of skills and credentials. This allows the organization to progress with only the top talent. The participants involved in the hiring process should be selected prior to execution of the process. Each participant should be equipped with the agreed- upon criteria and should understand the role and requirements of the open position. It is recommended that the hiring process follow a specific interviewing technique rather than asking brainteasers or trick questions. For instance, behavioral-based interviewing relies on a candidate’s previous behavior to predict their future behavior and can provide more structure around the process. Behavioral-based interviewing allows the interviewer to extract behavioral patterns from a candidate in order to make a qualified hiring decision and give an objective evaluation across interviewers at different stages throughout the hiring process.

Benefits of an optimized hiring process also better protects an organization from discriminatory hiring practices as application of inconsistent procedures can unintentionally lead to the false perceptions of inequitable treatment of candidates.

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