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The Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) recently honored MarshBerry Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Wepler for his role as Chairman of the Midwest Board.  In this role, he has been instrumental in building their Midwest Division and making a positive impact on the nonprofits and communities the IICF supports.  MarshBerry is proud to be a member of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation and we would like to congratulate John Wepler for his service as Chairman of the Midwest Board!  To commemorate this distinction the IICF created this video as a thank you. 


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Do You Have a Lazy Balance Sheet?

For the fourth year in a row, private equity (PE) outperformed other private market asset classes, based on global funds raised in 2000-2017. Some executives may see higher levels of debt on the balance sheet as risky or a potential negative. However, a firm could benefit from more leverage, as debt can multiply returns on investment and offer tax advantages.