Lossrunpro Joins MarshBerry’s Connect Platform as Strategic Partner

August 30, 2021

LRP enables firms to streamline the loss run process by automatically generating and delivering requests. 

The MarshBerry Connect Platform is pleased to announce that LossRunPro (LRP), a subscription-based software firm simplifying the loss run process, based in Missoula, MT, has been added to the growing roster of strategic partners for MarshBerry’s Connect Platform and Connect Network membership.

The MarshBerry Connect Platform is more than just an aggregator, it’s an organic growth accelerator.  It enables MarshBerry Connect Platform members to drive differentiation, leverage the benefits of both scope and scale, and harness resources and capabilities to maximize organic growth for their firm.

“LRP understands the frustration caused by the loss run request process. Their fully digital workflow provides a streamlined process to make it easier and more efficient to obtain loss run reports. In addition, the LRP dashboard allows our Connect Network and Connect Platform members to see that status of all loss run requests,” said David Soforenko, MarshBerry Executive Vice President Connect Platform. “We are excited to add LRP to our expanding portfolio of premier partners to our membership.”

LRP’s online digital platform helps commercial agencies get their loss runs (via e-signature from the insured) and renewals in a more effective and efficient process. LRP’s simple, automated and streamlined process is eliminating wasted time, pain points and headaches for producers, CSRs and claims staff.

“Our goal is to eliminate the antiquated system of manually preparing, signing and delivering loss run requests with an automated system that allows loss runs to be generated, signed and delivered electronically and by e-fax from a computer or mobile device,” said Reghan Brandt, Founder – LRP. “No more manual document drafting, printing, scanning or faxing required.”

Cited by Insurance Journal as the third largest aggregator in the U.S., the Connect Platform launched April 2019 as an exclusive offering to insurance agency and brokerage members of MarshBerry’s executive peer exchange – Connect Network.  

For more information regarding MarshBerry Connect Platform, please email David Soforenko at David.Soforenko@MarshBerry.com or call 440.220.4101.