June 8, 2021

The MarshBerry Connect Platform is pleased to announce that Trustpoint Insurance (Trustpoint), headquartered in Bristol, VA, has joined both its executive peer exchange network and agency partnership platform., resources, and capabilities designed to differentiate their value proposition to clients.

“Part of what makes our model unique is the opportunity to help firms execute best practices to drive organic growth. It’s designed for agencies that truly want to differentiate the delivery of insurance solutions to clients.” said David Soforenko, Executive Vice President of the MarshBerry Connect Platform.

Trustpoint sought to collaborate with other best-in-class insurance distributors as part of the Connect Network and Platform, cited by Insurance Journal as the third largest aggregator in the U.S. Trustpoint recognized the benefits of joining like-minded firms seeking to leverage the benefits for their clients, premier partners, and internal stakeholders while remaining fiercely independent and locally committed.

“Joining MarshBerry’s Connect Network and Connect Platform is an exciting step as Trustpoint pushes to achieve aggressive growth metrics in place for our firm,” said Trustpoint President Robert Iocco. “Networking with other high performing agencies that are experiencing similar successes and challenges is strategic to the growth of Trustpoint.”

The Connect Platform launched April 2019 as an exclusive offering to insurance agency and brokerage members of MarshBerry’s executive peer exchange – Connect Network.

For more information regarding MarshBerry Connect Platform, please email David Soforenko at or call 440.220.4101.