MarshBerry MAX Performer Award – A Mark of Distinction for Independent Agencies

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Are You a MAX Performer?

New business generation, attracting and retaining top talent and managing an ever-changing technological landscape are common challenges for the insurance industry. Top performing firms have achieved a balance between financial metrics, technology and culture to optimize their organization. This award recognizes those agencies rising to the challenge.

Should you Participate in this Program?

MarshBerry’s MAX Performer is the only program to recognize financial, cultural, and operation excellence of your organization.

  • Your data is reviewed and validated by one of MarshBerry’s data scientists which means you receive a financial and employee assessment on how to help your firm be more successful.
  • Your data is secure, and your information will not be sold to third party vendors.
  • Participation is free. Submission to the program is complimentary.

Why Be a MAX Performer?

The goal of MarshBerry’s MAX Performer designation is to help drive insights and revenue for your organization. Helping you Learn, Improve, and Realize your firms value is what we strive to accomplish every day.