Producer Academy

Think MarshBerry. Think Higher Organic Growth.

Initiate. Develop. Close.

The pathway to becoming a valid producer.

Whether you are looking to train a new producer or develop a sales management team, MarshBerry’s Sales Performance course levels can provide tailored solutions to build and maintain sustainable sales practices and strategies.

Validation starts at Producer Academy. The MarshBerry Producer Academy focuses on the skills and knowledge every producer needs to develop to maximize their potential and start generating revenue for your firm.


MarshBerry’s proprietary training system gets your producers on track to validation through:

  • Virtual workshops
  • Live instructor-led training
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Proven techniques to relationship selling
  • Support for continued development


  • Improve call-to-appointment ratios
  • Increase close ratios
  • Grow revenue
  • Build a larger book of business



  • Sales Process Overview & Business Planning
  • Lead Generation & Pre-Qualification
  • Developing Your Value Proposition
  • Gatekeepers, Voicemail, & Overcoming Objections
  • Communication Techniques & How to Open a Meeting
  • Learn & Improve
  • Realize, Close, & Advance
  • All Skills Practice



  • Client Onboarding
  • Niche Development
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personality Styles
  • Mentorship
  • Team Selling
  • Building Trust
  • Stewardship Process

Course Level 100 Agenda

  • The components of a successful Sales Process
  • Building a research-driven, repeatable sales approach
  • Creating your Business Plan to drive growth
  • Activity Goals & Effective Pipeline Management
  • Suspect vs. Prospect
  • Lead Generation Resources
  • Establishing Rules of Engagement
  • Creating your Prospect Profile
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to Uncover Leads
  • Barriers to Prospecting
  • Potential Value Propositions
  • Creating Awareness of Business & Insurance Issues
  • Building your Prospecting Script
  • Working with Gatekeepers
  • Voicemail Strategy & Execution
  • Prospect Objections: Acknowledge & Overcome
  • Communication Techniques: Active Listening, Acknowledge, Pivot, Recap & Verify
  • Building Rapport & Trust
  • Communicate the Agenda & Value
  • Overcoming Prospect Disinterest
  • Building a clearly defined & agreed upon understanding of the prospect’s What, How, & Why
  • Open vs. Closed-Ended Questioning
  • Creating Awareness of Business & Insurance Issues
  • Systematize your Conversations (Problem, Solution, Impact, Case Study)
  • Dealing with Prospect Concerns: Doubt, Confusion, & Barriers
  • Gaining Agreement on Next Steps
  • Book a Meeting from a Meeting
  • Producer, Prospect, & Coach Sales Training Scenarios
  • Challenging Sales Situations
  • Taking it Back to your Office

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MarshBerry’s team of advisors are thought leaders and experts in the insurance brokerage and financial services industries. As a client, your firm benefits from their combined hands-on experience and professional designations in finance, accounting and economics. No matter what your needs are, they have the understanding to craft a personalized solution.

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Frank Cox
Senior Vice President, CAWC
Zack Pittman
Senior Consultant
Don Folino
Senior Consultant, Sales Performance
Chris Rochford
Vice President, Connect Network
Frank Cox
Senior Vice President, CAWC

Energy, experience and execution—these are just a few of the reason’s clients turn to Frank Cox as a coach, mentor and valuable management consultant. He has a passion to help clients meet their organic growth initiatives. Frank joined MarshBerry in April 2019, bringing more than ten years of insurance sales experience and a track record for coaching, sales training, public speaking and senior executive management.

Zack Pittman
Senior Consultant

Zack Pittman is a results-based organic growth advisor, with emphasis on sales training, coaching, and reinforcement. Zack brings with him over ten years of experience in sales and sales management operations.

Don Folino
Senior Consultant, Sales Performance

Don Folino joined MarshBerry in 2018 as a Sales Performance Consultant in the Organic Growth division where he helps insurance agencies and brokerages build infrastructures that drive organic growth, as well as working with them through the continued development and execution of that process.

Chris Rochford
Vice President, Connect Network

Chris Rochford is a solutions-oriented thought leader who helps clients improve the value of their business by achieving double-digit organic growth. As the Vice President - Growth for MarshBerry's Connect Network, Chris is responsible for new member development, network growth strategy, product innovation, and value enhancement for member firms.