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Improve Your Recruiting Game Through Better Social Media Branding

Taking cues from today’s youth on building relationships and community networks, companies need to take their employer branding and recruiting to the next level with a fresh social media approach. 

I coach U13 girls’ soccer at the club level. My team is exceptional. They train hard, they play tough, they understand the game and their skills keep improving. With that said, they are still 12 and 13 years old. They love making videos (I join from time to time), they post pictures to Instagram, and they take pictures of my face and turn it into all sorts of ridiculous things. They love it and I love it. Participating in their social system builds trust, which in turn gives me the ability to lead with total team commitment. This level of social engagement shows a healthy team atmosphere which has attracted players from other club teams. Perhaps our teenagers understand social branding and building a community better than we do.  

Just like my soccer team, employer branding is an exercise in image building. Companies can most effectively build their image through social media. The reputation that follows has a significant impact on your organization’s ability to attract and retain top talent. If there is a secret sauce or magic bullet in recruitment, it’s your brand. Without a strong one, why bother?  

Data: The proof is in the numbers 

The insurance industry is based on numbers and data. So, let’s dive into the data and statistics behind social media use. The average internet user spends roughly 2.4 hours per day on social media. Social media now accounts for 38% of the world’s total daily online time. That’s up 2.5% from last year, representing a relative year-over-year share increase of 7.2%. What’s more, 99% of adults aged 18-29 use social media every day.1  

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are recommended as the best choices for hiring and recruiting.2 While LinkedIn is probably no surprise, don’t avoid other platforms like Instagram or even YouTube. Facebook has an option for a free business page and is a great way to reach passive candidates or get your employees involved for a broader reach. Top insurance brands, like Farmers and Allstate, have millions of followers on Facebook3 so insurance professionals expect to see jobs on social platforms.  

If you want to get a message out (i.e., a job opportunity, a promotion, an article on employer branding) you must go to where the eyes are. Today, those eyes are locked into their social feed.   

Using social media to improve your recruiting game 

Active and passive job candidates are using social media to make determinations about your company long before they apply. 82% of job seekers consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job.4 In fact, the top three types of content candidates say influence their job search are: Detailed job description, employee stories & spotlights, and DEI messaging. Two of the top three have nothing to do with the job itself and are perfect opportunities to elevate your company’s image, brand, and reputation.  

Social media has a large and diverse reach allowing employers to build relationships with potential candidates long before they even apply for a job. By regularly posting updates about company news, events, and employee achievements, employers can create a positive image of their brand and increase their visibility among potential candidates. The fact is people want to work for a company that represents who they are or who they want to be. It’s basic human nature. People who engage with your brand are more likely to fit your culture, represent the type of character your company employs, and stay through good times and bad.   

Social media, for all its faults, remains an ever-important platform for employer and employment branding. Engaging regularly and systematically with the community is as important as balancing your financials. Let’s listen to our teenagers on this one, I think they’ve got it right. 

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