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Yule Love This – Top 10 Of 2020


As we begin to close the books on 2020, it’s time to reflect on a most unusual year. Puzzles and family game nights replaced the fast pace of traveling and hosting new colleagues and friends over dinner. Zoom became a thing. And existing in a 100% virtual work environment for most of us wasn’t without new challenges. However, like you, we turned lemons into lemonade by innovating communications and creating new ways of staying connected. Thank you for being a part of the journey in learning, sharing and growing as we continue to strive to keep you up-to-date with timely insight into our ever changing environment.

As you slow down, and reflect on this year, we leave you with the MarshBerry Top 10 from 2020. We look forward to bringing you more thought-provoking insight in 2021.

The MarshBerry Top 10 of 2020 listed in order of most read:

  • Insurance Brokers Outperform Major Indices – 8/3/20 (4 min read): Common themes from the public broker 2Q20 Earnings.
  • Activate Your Prospecting Efforts – 4/20/20 (6 min read): Right now, it is essential to compress the business strategy horizon to real and near term – not 3-5 years out, and align efforts and activities to creating the best possible success in 2020.
  • Strong Start to the Year Dampened by Global Pandemic – 4/9/20 (4 min read): 1Q20 began as a hot first quarter but quickly cooled. In the first quarter, there were 134 total announced transactions in the market. Entering 2020, buyers were well capitalized and hungry to complete deals.
  • What is a BDT and Why You Need One – 4/8/20 (5 min read): Evolving your selling should include overcoming the commodity factor, staying true to your objectives, leveraging technology, knowing your audience and their needs, and staying focused on connecting your value proposition to your clients’ and prospects’ lifecycle. But who in your firm does this?
  • Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – 4/22/20 (6 min read): It seems like every day there is some new InsurTech firm promising to knock the insurance industry on its behind and revolutionize how things are done. You can either choose to embrace it, or watch it pass you by; either way, your business will be impacted by your decision.
  • Insurance Firm Revenue Outlook – 8/11/20 (3 min read): MarshBerry conducted another Market Pulse survey to understand how industry sentiment has changed since the spring.
  • Evolving Your Selling During the Pandemic – 4/6/20 (8 min read): It can be hard to talk about business when the world is going through this type of disruption. Take action by planning for the worst and working hard for a positive outcome.
  • Taming the Ugly – 4/1/20 (6 min read): Now that we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic with “new norms” changing daily, what are you supposed to do about it.
  • Election Effects on the Insurance Industry – 11/4/20 (10 min video): Phil Trem, President – Financial Advisory, MarshBerry, discusses the immediate fall-out from the election with Joel Wood, Senior Vice President, The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers.
  • View on the International Marketplace – 8/18/20 (6 min read): MarshBerry reached out to more than 100 international brokers in more than 100 countries to take their pulse on the marketplace.

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