Ben Swann - Senior Vice President

Ben Swann

Senior Vice President

Ben Swann is responsible for MarshBerry’s Client Development Strategy.

Ben created and now manages MarshBerry’s sales processes, tracking mechanisms, and sales training/development programs. He acts as a partner with MarshBerry’s strategic planning group and business unit leaders in executing the Client Development Strategy to help them achieve their organic growth goals.

Ben also manages MarshBerry’s Dallas office and lead’s the Initiation Team. The Initiation Team works with potential insurance agency and brokerage clients to uncover who they are, what their goals are, current obstacles, and what strategies they have in place to achieve their goals. The team then identifies the best way MarshBerry can help future clients create value in their firms.

Ben joined MarshBerry in 2010 focusing primarily on MarshBerry’s Acquisition Search Practice. This involved conducting initial conversations with prospective acquisitions, screening potential acquisition candidates, and gathering and presenting candidate data to our acquisition search clients. In 2012, Ben agreed to lead MarshBerry’s Dallas office and was promoted to Vice President. In 2014 Ben was chosen to be MarshBerry’s Director of Sales.

He currently maintains the Series 62 and 63 FINRA Registration through the MarshBerry Capital, LLC, the affiliated FINRA registered Broker/ Dealer of Marsh, Berry & Co., LLC.

Prior to joining MarshBerry, Ben was an M&A practice leader at Kaye/ Bassman International Corporation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in international business studies from Portsmouth University in England.