Business Planning

Develop and Implement Solid and Effective Business Plans

At MarshBerry, we believe the lack of meaningful business planning is one of the leading causes of agency consolidation.

We facilitate insurance business planning sessions annually, developing a focused process to help address the challenges and questions that our clients face.

An effective business plan addresses organizational, operational and “people” issues. Our step-by-step process begins with a thorough discussion of internal strengths, weaknesses and external opportunities/threats. We concentrate on your agency’s structure, culture, financial position, operational metrics, leadership and personnel.

As the process moves forward, you’ll get an increasingly clear view of the “today” status of your agency. This leads to focused discussion with your MarshBerry consultant about your agency’s future. Quantifiable strategic and financial targets are defined and prioritized, and we’ll make sure you’re keenly aware of the risks and the rewards associated with your decisions.

Building the plan is important, but implementing it is what truly matters. MarshBerry will help you develop a strategy that includes action steps, consistent communication, timetables and accountability.

MarshBerry can also help monitor the process and help you as you make prudent adjustments to your business plan as internal and external factors change.