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Investment Banking


No two firms are the same
A customized solution created from a variety of providers, such as private equity investors, family offices, public and private pension funds, traditional bank and debt lenders, and non-bank financial institutions is part of the benefit of MarshBerry Capital Raising Solutions.

Capital Markets

MarshBerry investment bankers work on your behalf to determine and source the best set of debt and equity capital solutions tailored to fit your firms’ needs today as well as anticipate your firms’ future needs

  • Valuation of your enterprise, either on a majority or minority basis
  • Identification, ranking, and introductions to potential equity capital providers
  • Negotiation of competitive pricing and terms
  • Assistance with confirmatory financial due diligence and document review

Mergers and Acquisitions

As an agency owner or principal determining if you should, implement organic growth strategies, grow through acquisition, perpetuate leadership, or sell your business MarshBerry is the only business advisor you need.

  • Identification, ranking, and introductions to potential debt capital providers
  • Identification of optimal loan types
  • Market pricing considerations
  • Negotiation of debt terms
  • Assistance with confirmatory financial due diligence and document review

What Makes MarshBerry the right choice for you:

  1. We are licensed. MarshBerry Capital, Inc., an affiliate of Marsh Berry & Company, Inc., is a Member of FINRA and SIPC. Clients can be confident knowing they are working with a firm that requires a high degree of integrity and accuracy in all M&A deals. MarshBerry demands nothing less and so does the SEC. 
  2. We do not have direct ownership in an insurance broker at the company level or individual level. Finding solutions that best meet your objectives is what motivates MarshBerry.  Clients can trust there are no hidden agendas or conflicts of interest; only strategies and recommendations that serve their best interest.
  3. We have a fiduciary and ethical responsibility to only one client per transaction. With a singular focus on representing you, MarshBerry does not get paid by both parties in a transaction.  
  4. Consultation to sell side clients does not end at the signing of a letter of intent. Walking with clients throughout the process ensures not only a smooth transaction but also financial advice during the earn out period to help you maximize shareholder wealth.
  5. The revenue size of our clients reflects that of the insurance broker population (a representative mix of small, medium, and large insurance agencies and brokers). We have advised on some of the largest transactions in the industry. No matter the revenue size, your transaction is managed with the same care and diligence necessary to optimize results.  Clients benefit from the breadth and depth of MarshBerry’s expertise to fully realize their firms’ value.
  6. We do not favor specific buyers; we have the broadest buyer spread of any advisor. In the last four years, we have transacted with over 50 different buyers, more than double our closest competitor. Finding the right match for your firm is critical. Maximizing shareholder value is one part of the equation but achieving the best cultural fit is also critical to long terms success.  Why limit the pool of potential partners? MarshBerry helps you find the right partner that not only maximizes shareholder value, but also is the best cultural fit. Finding the right match is critical.
  7. Our buy side due diligence practice gives us an advantage on sell side representation. Clients gain unique behind the curtain visibility into the buyer culture, pricing, terms, and additional insight from past deals. This knowledge helps manage expectations while optimizing potential.

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