M&A Advisory*

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MarshBerry's Experienced Team is Here for You

From preparation to deal negotiation, we believe MarshBerry’s Merger & Acquisition (M&A) experience can be an asset for a business in the insurance distribution market looking to buy or sell.

Through a timely, controlled and well-designed strategy, we strive to help our clients maximize value and strategic objectives.

MarshBerry Clients by State as of 2/1/19


  1. Acquisition Planning
  2. Deal Return Modeling
  3. Strategic Options Analysis
  4. Alternative Buyer Comparison
  5. Capital Raising


  1. Sale Preparation Management
  2. Offering Memorandum Development
  3. Strategic Pitch Book Design
  4. Candidate Profile Creation


  1. Buy & Sell Side Representation
  2. Buy Side Search and Screen
  3. Letter of Intent/Negotiation
  4. Creative Deal Structure & Alternatives


  1. Market Comparables/Benchmarking
  2. After-Tax Return Optimization1
  3. Return and Earnings Per Share Analysis
  4. Agency Fair Market Valuation


  1. Diagnostic & Confirmatory Due Diligence
  2. Intangible Asset Allocation for GAAP
  3. Fairness Opinion
  4. Definitive Agreement

Post Deal Management

  1. Post Closing Integration
  2. Goodwill Impairment Testing
  3. Peer-to-Peer CEO Exchange
  4. Earn-out Maximization Consultation

* Investment banking services offered through MarshBerry Capital, Inc., Member FINRA Member SIPC and an affiliate of Marsh, Berry & Company, Inc. 28601 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 400, Woodmere, Ohio 44122 (440.354.3230). Contact Us

1Marsh, Berry & Co., Inc. and MarshBerry Capital, Inc. do not provide tax or legal advice. These professionals should be consulted separately before implementing changes to your tax or legal matters.