Perpetuation Planning

Designing & Implementing a Perpetuation Plan that Addresses Your Needs

A successful perpetuation plan is a continual process without a beginning or an end. It is an ongoing discipline to continuously build and maintain an operating environment that can enable the fluid transition of management, leadership, production and ownership.

MarshBerry is proud to offer a service that can help enable your organization to evaluate your potential to succeed in perpetuation. The service consists of a one-day meeting with key decision makers and a detailed meeting summary customized for your business.

After the initial strategy session, our professionals can then help you develop and execute an achievable long-range plan.

The plan addresses how progress can be monitored and plan participants can be held accountable. Our comprehensive financial modeling also includes estimated projections in agency revenue, expense, earnings and value projections, cash flow implications, individual stockholder compensation projections and staffing/reinvestment voids.