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Driving Growth Momentum

Join Today’s ViewPoint where MarshBerry’s Vice President of Connect, Brooke Lugonjic, interviews Robert Kestenbaum, CEO – York International, as they discuss:

  • How agents and brokers can pursue growth and new business development in order to continue strong organic growth and revenue performance.
  • The importance of driving revenue growth year-over-year – especially during a pandemic.
  • The #1 thing York International is focused on to keep momentum going in 2020 and beyond.

Congratulations to York International for achieving MarshBerry’s 2020 MAX Performer designation. If you have questions about driving growth for your firm, please email or call Brooke Lugonjic, Vice President at 616.828.0741.

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If you have questions about Today's ViewPoint, or would like to learn more about how MarshBerry can help your firm determine its path forward, please email or call Brooke Lugonjic, Senior Vice President, at 616.828.0741.

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