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2020 Insurance Distribution Industry Downsides: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (Part 3)


John Wepler brings to light the most disturbing aspects of insurance brokerage — the Ugly Denial of Reality.

This week, we have discussed the positive attributes of the insurance distribution industry, assessing the risks to your business and the potential downsides. Now that we are in a global pandemic with “new norms” changing daily, what should you do about it?

Set Communication Guidelines

In a recent webinar poll, 92% of participants indicated their teams work remotely. ¹Your staff likely has questions and concerns and is looking to leadership to set the tone. How are you, as a leader, engaging with your staff today? How are managers engaging with their reports? How frequent and organized are your company or team meetings? If you haven’t already invested in a video conferencing software solution, chances are you are looking at them now. Getting comfortable with and embracing this new form of communication can take some practice, but many studies highlight its effectiveness. It is quickly becoming an expected form of interaction. Set guidelines and intentions for employees in this work-from-home environment, understanding that everyone’s situation is different.

Prepare for the Worst

During the past decade, it’s been easier to shelve difficult decisions as the industry has enjoyed organic growth, year in and year out, combined with a typically strong and predictable cash flow cycle. Today, firms need to prepare for the worst. Certainly, we would expect that reducing headcount would be a last resort, but it’s time now to look at your metrics: revenue per employee, performance reviews, etc. Understand who is not contributing fully to the organization. As the saying goes: Measure twice, cut once. Even if you aren’t in a position today where reducing staff seems necessary, starting the conversation is important so you aren’t rushed or pressured to do something in the future without proper consideration. If you’re considering taking advantage of one of the government small business assistance programs, find a trusted adviser to walk you through the options. Here is an overview of some options and implications for small businesses.

Dive into Expense Details

It’s time to take a hard look at your expenses. Certain selling expenses, such as client lunches, conferences, and other investments, may not be a priority right now. Examine where else the organization is spending on “non-essential” line items. We work with many firms who have never looked through their General Ledger detail and thus do not have a strong grasp of what they spend in certain areas. If there is any “downtime” due to the slowing business environment, it might be time to roll up your sleeves and dive into the details.

Reinforce Your Value

We often hear from clients that retaining an account is less costly and more valuable than going out and selling a new account. MarshBerry would take a strong position in a normal environment where there is a way to do both equally. Today, when new sales may not be as fruitful as usual, it’s a good opportunity to solidify those relationships with your top clients. Hopefully, you have communicated your value proposition to your clients at renewal. Now is the time to step up on the service side to solidify the relationships. Reach out to them, ask how they’re doing, and be there to help them. Everyone deals with different issues, and empathy will go a long way. Now is the time your clients will listen to you. You may discover your client needs some value-added services that you have been offering and they have yet to take advantage of (i.e., HR support, premium financing options, etc.). Reinforcing your role as a resource for them will only help your position if there is future competition for that account.

Fine-Tune Training Techniques

Not only has your physical location and the way you interact with your employees practically changed overnight, but arguably your most important function, sales, is likewise going to change. Now is the opportunity to train unvalidated producers in best practices sales techniques so these producers can evolve and hit the ground running when the economy thaws.

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1MarshBerry Webinar: It’s Not Business as Usual But it is Business – Impacts of the Pandemic for Insurance Brokerage Firms. 3/31/20.

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