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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning for Insurance Companies & Wealth Advisory Firms

Set the course that inspires commitment and enables success.

Strategic planning for insurance companies and wealth advisory firms is important to creating a shared vision for financial, operational, and staffing goals. What sets MarshBerry’s insurance industry strategic planning process above others is it goes beyond simply creating the plan. It charts a course for where and how to get there with key objectives, short- and long-term action plans and implementation schedules that are focused, relevant, aligned and actionable.

The strategic planning advisors at MarshBerry will work with you to build a comprehensive roadmap for growth with specific expertise in the insurance brokerage and wealth and retirement plan advisory industries. Knowing the business dynamics, what will work for you and your business, along with the data to back up the advice, helps set the stage for your firms’ commitment to achieving results.

Whether it is outlining your strategic plan, providing board advisory or exploring strategic options, MarshBerry has proven experience in providing effective strategic business planning for insurance companies.

Examples of Strategic Planning Components

  • Revenue and Expense Inputs
  • Benchmarking Statistics
  • Growth Projections
  • Profit
  • Financial Stability
  • Service & Support Productivity
  • Producer Performance
  • Perpetuation
  • Age of Staff
  • Culture
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Accountability Map