Financial Advisory


Think MarshBerry. Think Forward.

Expert Valuations for Insurance Brokerage & Wealth Management Firms

There is an art and a science to determining the value of your firm.

With considerable experience in mergers and acquisitions, coupled with proprietary data and a pulse on current market conditions and trends, MarshBerry gives you the most accurate and ‘real world’ valuation for firm.

Driven by a keen understanding of economic and profit indicators, along with sophisticated deal multiples, the science of valuations is comprehensive. Combined with MarshBerry’s market awareness, industry knowledge and experience in assessment of internal agency specific risk, you get the art of valuations. You deserve a comprehensive valuation

MarshBerry Valuation Solutions include:

  • Conclusion of Value
    • Valuations are essential for a wide variety of agency functions and transactions, including internal stock transfers, equity-related compensation plans, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), valuations for estate tax determination, corporate performance evaluation, mergers and acquisitions and perpetuation planning
    • With more than ten certified valuation analysts on staff and more than 3,100 valuations completed as a firm, MarshBerry’s team of consultants can create a valuation that ensure you’re using the right elements to provide an accurate view of the value of your firm.
  • Calculation of Value
    • Gain a general understanding of value of an insurance agency or brokerage during the initial stages of perpetuation planning, assessing an offer received from a buyer or any situation in which preliminary valuation will identify whether further review is necessary.
  • Personal Goodwill Valuation
    • This option is geared to C corporations that are in the process of selling to a third-party, and the value is the entity is primarily related to key persons (owner(s) who founded the corporation and/or have large books of business) rather than the business unit.
  • Intangible Asset Valuation
    • Helps a buyer of an insurance agency or brokerage understand the financial implications of an acquisition on it financial statements. The valuations provides the fair value of assets to be booked.